UX Philosophy

My UX philosophy is simple:
Knowing and intuitively understanding your user is how you unlock beautiful experiences.

Investing in knowing your user is the key to crafting lasting solutions and designing for success. You will never solve the problem at hand or even care enough about getting it right until you immerse yourself into the user's world and become their champion.
Once this is clear, staying on point with strategy is essential to a strong delivery. What I aim to do is establish a clear and structured delivery plan, based on solid content strategy and focus on having a cohesive voice between brand and product, bolstered by a deep understanding of the business goals and what you want to achieve.


I'm a hands on, multi-disciplinary designer with over twelve years of extensive experience across the IT and creative industries. I'm proud to call myself a woman in tech.


I'm driven by making an authentic and positive contribution to the world through the work that I do and how I do it. I'm passionate about ethical technology and serving the users, rather than ourselves.


A former production designer and art director for film, television and theatre, I made the move from entertainment into the realm of UX and digital and never looked back.


Currently working as a freelance UX Director, which sees me leading UX, design and content strategy for various clients with a firm focus on validation to shape truly innovative products.


Keep the user at the forefront while ensuring best business impact

There are many strategies you can use to enhance your products and resonate deeper with your userbase. Below are a few ways I can bring value to teams looking to make focused, user-led products that are scalable and leave a lasting impression.


Carefully crafted

Your interfaces are an extension of you and within seconds, can establish your credibility, style and ethos to a global marketplace. I can help you hook your audience from the get go by understanding your business and channelling that into the interface, with clear user journeys and clean design that reflects your brand and achieves your goals.


Enhancing your UX

It's essential to routinely review how efficiently your products are doing what they’re meant to be doing. By doing a deep dive into your existing content and understanding your business, I can offer you clear insights in how to better connect with your target audience to achieve your goals and improve your user experience.


A clear message

Content Strategy is essential to a good user experience, not only to nail the voice of the core brand identity but to cut out extra work and irrelevant material by being clear in its intent and its limitations. I can help you tailor your product's content to the target users to ensure best impact while ensuring the tone stays true to your company ethos.


Establishing who you are

Understanding the key foundations of your company will ensure strong, consistent growth for the future of their organisation - from mission statement to voice and visual signature. I can help you create a solid brand identity, from logo to colour palette, core values to ethos, which you can use to influence and engage your customers at every business touchpoint.


Enabling user led design

My experience in managing and moderating user testing sessions gives me great faith in power of user led design. Testing with prototypes is a cheap, quick way of gauging public opinion to your products, validating concepts and directing further development. The insights gained are invaluable as the more issues you can uncover early on, the faster and cheaper they are to fix.


Creating a visual experience

My time spent as an Art Director for film, television and theatre gives me an additional skill set and deep understanding of the power of things coming together in the right way to make a visual impact. In my UX career, I've used these skills to drive projects forward, from the creation of explainer videos to 3D modelling, graphic visualisation and many more.


Let's talk. For any queries about me, my work or what we can do together, drop me a line at and let's start a conversation.

Where to Find Me

  • Currently based in North London, UK
  • Portfolio available on request
  • Happy to work remotely or onsite